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Hello world!!

I am Madison Thieman and this is my personal/professional blog.

My blog consists of my travels, my work as a journalist in the entertainment industry, and my life as a busy college student. I lead a full life, and I would not have it any other way. Exploring fascinating destinations and meeting interesting people are like a form of oxygen to me, so naturally I am quick to respond to opportunities that come my way. I believe that every person has a set path, but each path can be altered depending on personal drive and determination. Each opportunity is a mile marker to the ultimate goal, success.

Not long ago, someone asked me what my dream job would be.  That was an easy question, as I have known the answer for years. Without hesitation, I replied, "I want to be the next Samantha Brown." Samantha Brown is a traveling journalist that reports on exotic destinations for the Travel Channel. Employment wise, that is my ultimate goal.  However, until that job comes, I will listen, learn, and be inspired by the people I meet and the places I visit.  My hope is that you will share my journey and find my blog to be engaging, insightful, and informative. Remember, you can only go as far as you dare to reach and succeed as much as you dare to grow. 

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you have imagined." -Henry David Thoreau

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